In ancient Egypt , when a person died the Gods would ask him two questions.
Did you have joy in your life?
Did you give joy to others?

Special Installation Spotlight: Walter Rossi’s Titanic & New York Skyline

December 2021–June 2022

The installation spotlight, The Worlds of Walter Rossi, features the work Titanic and New YorkSkyline. Both works will be on view in the Museum’s court.

Painter and sculptor Walter Rossi earned his doctorate in architecture studying under Bruno Zevi at Rome University. Afterwards he moved to London and then Brooklyn, where he continues to live and work today. Rossi began integrating movement into his sculpture in 2000, creating theatrical presentations that evoke humor while engaging viewers in profound and often unexpected ways. An avid traveler, he scours toy stores and flea markets around the world, collecting elements to incorporate into his fantastical miniature vignettes. His kinetic sculptures have been featured in our A Cache of Kinetic Art series of exhibitions, including Simply Steampunk (2019), Tiny Intricacies (2020), and Timeless Movements (2022).

Rossi’s work has been shown in the United States and abroad: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; Greater London Arts Council, UK; Brooklyn Museum, New York; American Academy in Rome, Italy; Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Heller Gallery, New York; Agora Gallery, New York; and Morris Museum, New Jersey.


New York skyline

americana at the Morris Museum



The face

At the gym


Wheel of fortune


God Head

No title



New York subway at rush hours

The sinking of the Titanic

Bhagavad Gita

Time into time

Searching for the truth

To leave or not to leave


Old time

All in one

American freedom


Super homo


Traveling Buddha

Final cruise

Feminist’s last supper


Panoramic view

Front line

The new pharaohs

Jurassic park

Air turbulence

Crowd of heads